Ways to add Zen to your home

In this busy lifestyle, people are spending half of their time in office and even after they come back home, they are engaged in daily chores. They forget to enjoy the peace which can be absorbed from the existing environment. So, it’s necessary that your perfect home is able to de-stress you after a long tiring day! Having a zen garden can be a great relief. While these gardens are very common in Japan, in India we don’t always have a peaceful place to clear our minds.

Zen gardens, also known as Japanese rock gardens, were classically created at temples of Zen Buddhism. They were intended to imitate the essence of nature and they were places where people could meditate about the true meaning of life and find their inner peace.

Sobha Dream Gardens came up with an interesting concept of building a Zen garden right in the living complex so residents can relax and soak in positive energy while at home.

One of the most important benefits of a zen garden is stress relief. By raking sand and arranging the stones, one starts to relax immediately. Repetitive movements help to focus on the present.

You can also stimulate your creativity with a Zen garden. Meditation improves divergent thinking and fertile inner space in which new ideas can emerge and flow. The presence of a Zen garden can also assist problem-solving and practice mindfulness.

The Japanese concepts of simplicity and asymmetrical balance contributes to a Zen gardens grace and appeal. Zen garden is also known to improve feng shui in your home.

Owning your perfect dream home will be more accessible at Sobha Dream Gardens. Settle in the primary locations of Bellahalli which is at close proximity to IT hubs, hospitals, educational institutes, and malls. It’s a great opportunity since Sobha Dream Gardens is here to fulfill everything you could ever hope for to make your first home an ideal one. Enjoy amenities like gym, children’s play area which is very safe for kids, meditation studio, jogging & walking track, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and more. No need to worry about traveling to a supermarket, since we have a store on the property premises for daily groceries needs.  Give your interiors a zen touch while Sobha Dream Gardens gives your exteriors lush green, zen gardens. 

Book 1bhk/2bhk apartments at Sobha Dream Gardens, Bangalore and live amidst nature!

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